The file sbl.conf and its Variables

The file sbl.conf and its Commands

In this text we shortly explain the entries of the file

"sbl.conf" being standard in the directory /etc. This file is

the main configuration file for SuSE-Blinux and it includes e. g. the

fixation of the used brailledisplay and the speech. You can work on it

with a common ASCII-editor, commentary lines are introduced by a

numerical sign (#) so that it is ignored by the program.

The file "sbl.conf" implicates the following commands:

* brlname= : name of the connected brailledisplay, e. g. ht40

indicating a brailledisplay of 40 characters by Handytech. If

mbrola4sbl is used you should also use ht40 to be able to use the

ht40-keymap ( for the sbl-commands. The following values are

allowed for brlname at the moment:

+ Fa. Papenmeier: 2dlite, tiny, 2d, el80, el66, el2d, el40

+ Handytech: ht40, ht80, brlwave, brlstar40, brlstar80

+ Baum: vario40, vario80

+ Alva: abt340, abt380, abt34d, abt38d, del440, del480, alva_usb

+ Tiemann: cmbbrl25, cmbbrl40, cmbbrl80

+ Blazie: brllite40

* brlport= : serial port to which the brailledisplay is connected, e.

g. /dev/ttyS0 for com1, /dev/ttyS1 for com2 etc.

* spkname= : name of the connected speech, e. g. apollo2 indicating

Apollo2. If mbrola4sbl is used set spkname to mbrola.

* spkport= : seriel port to which the speech is connected, e. g.

/dev/ttyS0 for com1. If mbrola4sbl is used

set spkport to "//".

* debug=x : Sets the debuglevel. If x = 0, no debuginformations will be

loged, x = 1 produces some loginformations into the file

/tmp/sbl.log, x = 2 is very verbose.

* kbdsniff=x : Tells sbl if the keyboardsniffer is used (x = 1) or not

(x = 0). A keybordsniffer can be used for useing sbl-commands not only

with a brailledisplay but with the normal keybord. The keybordsniffer

is only availabel for kernel 2.2.x, the kernel has to be patched and

recompiled to use the sniffer.



* keydelay=x : by using this command you fix the delay x with which

command are executed and which are activated by a key on the

brailledisplay. x specifies the value and must be bigger than 0.

* repeatdelay=x : this command determines the speed x in which

commands are executed. They can be activated by pressing a key on

the brailledisplay (e. g. line up or line down). x must be bigger

than 0.

* brltbl= : this command determines the Braille scale which is to be

used, e.g. german for German or us for American English.

* sleep=x : this command determines the period x in which SBL stops

and in which the remaining programs of the system can work. x must

be bigger than 0.

* profdelay=x : this command determines the period x in which the

system doesn't work before it checks an automatic profile

changing. x must be bigger than 0.

* profile1,profile2,profile3,profile4= : these 4 commands define the

profiles to which you can change manualy.